• Photographic style is not a coincidence, it needs to be worked out

  • This book will help you find your own style

  • Learn to express yourself through your photography

The question of one's own style moves all photographers who are beyond the beginnings and take photos regularly. They are looking for ways to express themselves personally in their pictures and to be recognizable in them. Very few just do their thing - the majority imitate others, try this and that, brood over equipment and image processing and only see much later what is actually obvious: the path to your own style begins with knowing your own personality, finding it of your own topic and the decisions about its photographic implementation.

With »Your own photographic style«, Steffen Rothammel would like to help you shorten this long and often expensive path. After an overview of what makes style and personality at its core, he introduces three photographers to different ways of working and expressing themselves, and invites you to reflect on yourself and your own photography. And because the mastery of the photographic trade and camera is the first prerequisite for the implementation of one's own picture ideas, he explains various motif situations and their technical implementation using the example of his own photos. Equipped with this knowledge, you can then go on a targeted search for your topic and expression - and find your own photographic style.

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The key to one's own expression and style lies not in the handling of the camera, but in the photographer's ability to empathize with shooting situations and to move appropriately within them. This empathy allows access to the portrayed people. And one's own awareness of how to appear and be perceived makes one become part of the scene that one photographs. From working at close range and with patience and time, expressive and moving pictures emerge like those captured by photographer Steffen Rothammel on his travels.

With this book Steffen Rothammel helps all photographers with prior knowledge to work on their own photographic expression and style. He shows them how, thanks to their preparation, they photograph more consciously, how to train and use their intuition, and how to train their empathy, self-perception, patience and perseverance. They learn how to move in the everyday life of the local people without leaving any traces, how they find moments for captivating pictures and tell the stories of the people with them.

dpunkt Verlag: 29,90€ (click on Cover for details)